Education par excellence is what every educational institution thrives to offer for the students under its canopy. The bewitching goal is often eluding for want of originality in the executives of curriculum transaction. The variety the human beings long for in the formation stage is curtailed due to wrong pedagogical exercise in and outside the classroom. It is more so in the case of teacher education. Convinced of the goodness of change and novel strategies, an attempt has been in the form of  ASAAN – 2010 to conglomerate the student teachers in colleges of education in Tamil Nadu on a common platform for a selfless sharing and imbibing the values of teacher education. In fact ASAAN – 2010 is a carnival of would be leader teachers to establish the qualities of leadership.


By participating in ASAAN – 2010

  • A face to face contact of the otherwise scattered birds of the same feather will be materialized
  • A Social living outside their original territory may foster a better social understanding of their contemporaries
  • As member of the family of similar culture and tradition, the student teacher can realize the uniqueness of individual differences
  • Student teachers can prove that a is not a jack but a master of all trades
  • The budding teacher personality is sure to blossom
  • The art of living can be practiced by the participants with due realization of the value of giving
  • The skill of facing and tackling the confronting situations intelligently is developed
  • The student teacher can make use of the arena, for testing their self confidence, perseverance and competitive spirit
  • The spirit of appreciating the opponents for the laurels won can be best learnt
  • The student teachers may learn the knack of adjusting to demanding and unexpected situations
  • Each one of the participating student teachers is bound  to be crowned with commanding and enigmatic leadership behavior